Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I have fish and bear's paw: MSNPlus make better use of MSN

MSN and QQ should be used up to now all the chat tool, but often people feel very tangled. QQ you open it, then the Ka Wayi shape always made me feel quite 90, to open MSN it, to be honest, QQ not a good multi MSN. 2 with open bar, a computer screen is not that big, put two large strips, together with then pop-up to the N-chat window on the chaos up the entire desktop at once, looking very uncomfortable.

In fact, many people prefer MSN's interface, clean, nothing fancy, usually with a very comfortable working with, but some like MSN, NPC will not give up QQ, QQ function because it is too strong, it can direct transfer diagram, screenshot, file transfer speed and MSN do not have these features, it is a clean interface to like MSN QQ function but can not give up what people headaches. This seemingly can not have both fish and bear's paw to choose what to do?

I also favor a clean page on MSN, although the function of MSN itself flawed, but they can increase the plug-in way to make up, I add a plug-in is very simple post with the latest version of MSNPlus, this plugin is very interesting, absorbing QQ is very popular with many but MSNPlus not function, and certain other innovation is a very very good also with home-made plug-in, you really make a fish stew to eat.

It is currently publishing features are:

1.MSN more open, allowing you to open multiple MSN, MSN account with the number of log;

2. Screenshot, can be as arbitrary as the QQ screenshot;

3. Photo forward pass, the same can directly drag the map as the QQ into the dialog box to send a carriage return;

4. Friendship Group news tips to unread messages displayed in the status bar, not like before that MSN has ah flash of lightning;

5. Automatically open the panel, automatic open MSN groups or small i robot panel;

6.MSN group management in the MSN main window allows you to create groups, search groups, manage your group;

7. Foreign Language Assistant, to foreigners in foreign direct translation into Chinese, and foreigners are useful chat

8. Chat encryption, you can escape the surveillance network;

9. Personalized text conversion, the fonts into Martian text, vertical text and other interesting forms.

This plug-in fact, pretty much function can basically meet the needs of most users, I personally think that such comparison should try several functions: screen shots, pictures, forward pass, foreign language assistants, chat encryption, if you use both groups . im in the MSN group, then, MSN group management and re-open the panel is also worth trying.

First, we take a look at screenshots.

MSNPlus installed after the original MSN a sign will appear.

Screenshot after clicking will direct, while the cut-off of completed plans will directly appear in the text window, carriage returns can be sent, very convenient.

The second noteworthy feature is the picture forward pass. You can image directly onto the text box and hit enter to send. But this function and the function of just the shots on the law also need to install MSNPlus, or still the traditional file transfer will be distributed to the other way, and not directly appear in the chat window.

Drag the image directly to the text box.

And press Enter to send.

Haha, is not very convenient ah ~

Among those who use MSN are some people to chat with foreigners (foreigners apparently not QQ ... ...). Although the popularity of English, but the real master of English is small, I believe we have the foreigners because they do not know what to say and then do not the embarrassment, not to say that there are a lot of spade French German Spanish Italian only non- mainstream foreigners. In this regard, MSNPlus doing very well, click on the icon will pop-up translation of the page, eliminating the trouble of climbing google translation.

Chat Encryption

MSN chat privacy is not particularly good, if the company uses, it could easily be detected by network management, people feel a little uncomfortable. If you and I have the same concerns, you can also try the next in the chat encryption, so no matter what you and your friends will not talk any further concerns about friends.

Will appear after clicking a private chat dialog

So do not worry about being monitored chat friends ~ ~ ~

These are I think the more interesting features. If you use MSN at the same time so small I Robot, the plug-in can speed up your speed and small I chat. Also, if you use the MSN group, then there is a corresponding group of the MSNPlus management. You may need based on your personal freedom to use the plug-in, I believe that will increase your MSN experience a lot of fun.

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